We Believe in Quality Products

Lifting weights should be done with quality form. When one lifts with quality form, the risk of injury decreases while the rate of growth increases. 

Drinking quality beer means appreciation for the craft, effort, care, and love that went into a beer. It means being purposeful in living with balance, but choosing quality over junk.

At Lift N Brews, we believe in quality for lifting, beer, and our products. There are bountiful options for taking short cuts on quality with each product. Many companies choose this route and hide under the guise of cheap prices. While their prices are cheap, so too are their products. Ours are not cheap. Ours are quality. 

The down side is that items may cost more than people would care for or expect. While admittedy that is an issue, we believe the upside is far greater. The upside means purchase of a quality product. Our openers should last for years, if not decades after decades. Not only will the quality be high, but each purchase helps small businesses in the USA. 

When anyone makes a purchase from Lift N Brews, they can be sure the product has been thought over excessively. They can be sure to get a quality product. They can be sure that their money helps Lift N Brews and other businesses and people we work with. As we buy metal from small businesses, machine it, send it to get powder coated and more, each person benefits. Naturally as a business we want to thrive, but just as its great seeing people reach PRs, or meeting people over a beer, we also want other businesses and people to thrive as well. 

Cheers! :)